What are Tooth implants?

Tooth implants are surgical components that are attached to the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis like a crown or a bridge denture.  In simple terms, Tooth implants are the components that are fixed into the jaw bone to support artificial teeth.

When do we need a Tooth Implant?

                        Normally, a tooth loss is accompanied by a gap which causes trouble in eating, un-natural change in facial structure, irritation and causes pain in case an infection occurs. To cover that gap tooth implants are done in the jaw or skull bone so that an artificial tooth can be placed on it.

Advantages of the Tooth implant

Tooth implants are extremely beneficial for a number of reasons, such as:

  1. It Prevents Bone Loss

When someone loses a tooth, the previously connected bone also starts to decay. It needs stimulation to maintain its mass and for that, a tooth implant is the only way out because it connects directly to the bone and replaces the jaw bone stimulation.

  1. Behaves like natural teeth

Tooth implants are not a way to get your natural teeth back but it is closest to getting them replaced working like real ones. They restore the chewing power of the whole jaw and if you get the implants from an efficient dentist who is experienced in this regard, you will be grateful for having replaced your real tooth with an implant because it feels exactly like a real tooth.

  1. Improved natural appearance

Tooth implants look like and feel like real teeth and they are designed to connect directly with the bone giving you a long-lasting solution for the lost teeth. They retain your natural look and help you feel comfortable especially while eating.

  1. No cavities

                        The material that is used to make tooth implants does not decay and hence, there is a little to no chance of getting cavities but still, they require normal care to prevent bacterial Infection.

  1. No change in facial structure

                        When the tooth roots are left unreplaced or regular dentures are put in, the face can begin to sag and lose its natural structure but tooth implants prevent that from happening, providing no change in your facial appearance.


Disadvantages of Tooth implants

Before going for the tooth implantation, you need to consider the following factors

  1. Higher Cost
    Tooth implantation is quite a complex process and it comes with a much higher cost than a dental bridge or dentures.
  1. Complex Surgery Process
    Tooth implantation requires a professional’s expertise because of the complexity of the procedure. A number of surgical processes are performed to get you a perfect implant, hence one should carefully decide who to go to for this treatment.

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