Root Canal Treatment Procedure

To understand the Root Canal treatment, we first need to understand what a root canal is. A Root Canal is basically a natural central cavity within a tooth. It has a lot of significance in dental treatments since a tooth’s nerve is present inside the root canal along with the pulp chamber. A pulp chamber is a soft area present inside the root canal. Any infection in the root canal is accompanied by a lot of pain and discomfort and thus, the treatment becomes mandatory. If it is left untreated, it can affect the tissues surrounding the tooth, infecting them and causing sores.


Potential Causes of Damage to the Tooth’s Pulp and Nerve

Damage to the nerve and pulp of a tooth is caused by a lot of reasons such as inflammation, infection due to tooth decay, recurrent dental treatments on the same tooth, or getting large fillings, irritation due to a chip or crack in the tooth and a sudden trauma to the mouth. All these problems are accompanied by pain and discomfort in the root canal ultimately calling for treatment and cure.


Why is there a need to remove an infected pulp?

The damaged pulp has the potential problem of breaking down and the bacteria thus, start to multiply within the pulp as well as in the surroundings. This causes an infection which may lead to the accumulation of pus in a pocket forming sores and swelling at the end of the tooth roots. Not just this, the swelling of infection can also spread to other surrounded areas such as neck, face or head. It may also lead to the permanent loss of the bone of the tooth producing a hole leading to drainage either into the gums or into the skin. This ultimately gets very discomforting and leads to a lot of pain.


Root Canal Treatment Procedure

Root Canal treatment is necessary in cases when you have an infected or inflamed pulp caused by tooth decay, damage or faulty fillings or crown. In order to avoid long-term consequences of the problem, you need to get the treatment as soon as possible. You can book your appointment by visiting:  Thorndent Dental Care

Root Canal Treatment takes into implementation the clearing of infection by carefully cleaning the infected pulp. The cleaned cavity is then sealed and filled with a material named as ‘gutta-percha’. After the filling, the tooth has to be restored into its normal look by carefully placing a crown on it and protecting it to continue functioning as a normal tooth as before.

Root Canal is a life-saving procedure, helping you to gain confidence in your smile and be comfortable with your teeth while eating the food of any kind and also saves you from going to dentists again and again. Moreover, it is suggested to take precautionary measures by cleaning your teeth daily and maintaining oral hygiene. If the condition still occurs, consult an efficient dentist by booking your appointment; visit the website: Thorndent


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