Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Permanent teeth need utmost care and protection against outside germs and infection but sometimes it gets impossible to keep them healthy, even though you are taking care of your eating habits and cleaning your teeth twice a day. Tooth extraction is the last option a dentist has to pursue because of how the tooth has severely damaged or has gone through extensive decay and trauma. The only way out of a severely damaged/infected/traumatized tooth situation is to get that tooth extracted and replaced by an artificial one.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is done mostly for two reasons:

  1. Preparing for Orthodontia

Sometimes, when you have a crowded mouth, the dentist will suggest extracting certain teeth in order to prepare your teeth to undergo orthodontics. Orthodontics is a dental process which is meant to provide alignment to your teeth. In addition, if a tooth is causing pain because of how it is not able to fully erupt out of the gum, the dentists recommend extracting teeth.

  1. Removal of Infection

Infection is caused by bacteria in the mouth that enter the pulp and affect the centre of the tooth part which contains blood vessels and nerves. The recommended treatment for a tooth infection is a Root Canal Therapy (RCT) combined with antibiotics yet if the condition is too severe and the infection is spreading in the surrounding teeth, the dentist will have to go for tooth extraction.

How is Tooth Extraction done?

First of all, you need to go to an experienced and well-trained dentist or oral surgeon for extraction purposes. You can book an appointment with us by visiting: <link>

  • The procedure starts with the examination of your teeth and oral cavity.
  • After that, the dentist will inject a local anaesthetic in order to numb your gums and the area surrounding the tooth to be extracted.
  • The injection of anaesthesia is necessary in order to help your body bear the pain of tooth extraction which otherwise may inflict a lot of pain in you.
  • For the impacted tooth, the dentist will cut a part of your gum and the bone tissue and when the tooth underneath is exposed, the tooth will be grasped with the help of forceps and will be pulled out. If the tooth to be extracted is taking a lot of effort, the dentist will remove it in pieces.

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