Private Fees Guide: Valid from 01st December 2016


Examination (new or re-registered adult patient), Includes 2 x-rays if necessary £39.00
Examination (registered adult patients), includes 2 x-rays if necessary £32.00
Additional x-ray radiographs (each) £8.00
Consultation for pain or problem £32.00
Implant or complex treatment consultation £75.00

Dental Services

Amalgam (metal) filling From £70.00
Composite (white) filling From £80.00
Root filling anterior From £250.00
Root filling molar From £380.00
Extraction From £95.00
Extraction (complex) From £160.00
Cerec  Inlay/onlay From £499.00
Porcelain and metal crown or bridge, per unit From £449.00
Cerec ceramic crown From £599.00
Gold crown/inlay excluding alloy From £449.00
Porcelain veneer or crown From £599.00
Cast post, carbon fibre post or pin retained core for crown From £90.00
Adhesive bridge, per unit From £600.00
Re-cement crown or bridge From £50.00
B splint From £350.00
Ortho Essix Retainers (each) £60.00
Gum shield of soft occlusal splint From £140.00
Michigan splint From £450.00
Upper or  lower partial acrylic denture From £380.00
Upper  and  lower full acrylic dentures From £750.00
Upper or lower metal based dentures From £680.00
Reline or addition of tooth to an existing denture From £100.00
Flexi Denture From £550.00

Hygiene Services

Scale and polish by dentist £39.00
Hygiene visit (oral hygiene instruction, scale and polish) £44.00
Self referral for hygiene £50.00
“Airflow’ tooth polish (per arch) £20.00

Whitening services

Home tooth whitening treatment (Zoom) £299.00
In house lazer whitening per arch From £299.00
Enlighten tooth whitening From £500.00

Please note registration at this practice starts from your examination. It last for 18 months after your last visit for any treatment. If you have not been to the practice for 18 months, you may have to pay the new or re-registered patient fee of £39.00