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Our care for Nervous Patients

At Thorndike Dental Care, we understand that some people feel very anxious or nervous about visiting the dentist. It may be the whole experience that worries you, or perhaps just one aspect.

One in four patients dread visiting the dentist and may not have attended since childhood. It might be a fear of pain during treatment, or perhaps the sounds and smells which might bring back memories of a bad dental experience.

We understand our patients anxieties. With their kind, gentle and sensitive approach, they can do a lot to make dental treatment stress free.

Dental surgeries have vastly improved over the years, with much friendlier environments, flowers in the waiting rooms, art on the walls, welcoming reception area and polite staff. Although there will still be the smells and sounds of the dental surgery, many instruments are out of sight, equipment and dental technology has greatly improved; background music may be playing in the background and if you’re lucky, perhaps the dulcet melodic tones of your dental professional!

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How can we help?

We have a long standing reputation of caring for patients with dental anxiety, both with and without the use of dental sedation. You will NOT be the most anxious patient we have treated, your teeth will NOT be the worst we have seen, and no matter how embarrassing things seem, we are not going to tell you off or judge you. We will understand as we have heard it all before, many times.

Often the biggest step for patients is making that first contact and telling someone they have a problem. Being reassured that you are not alone, and are able to talk through things with someone who understands can be a huge relief.

We are always sympathetic and will give you the time you need to cope with any situation, we will explain what is wrong, what your options are and what its going to feel like, so you can make a decision about what is best for you and whether you will be able to cope. We will make sure you are numb and give you a good idea of exactly what’s going to happen next so you are not caught unaware, as well as giving you the ability to control the procedure and call a halt for whatever reason.

Inhalation sedationrelaxed-face

This is available in our practice and is a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen. This is a very safe form of sedation which is suitable for children & adults. Recovery is quick and you are able to drive afterwards.

Intra-venous sedation

This is very popular if you are really nervous or phobic of dental care. The sedation is provided by a trained professional and can be deep or light. Many of our same day smile cases utilise this form of sedation as then you are really unaware of having had treatment. In certain cases, we can also use other medications with the sedation which can provide enhanced pain relief and reduce any post-operative swelling. Again, a chaperone is essential and we can provide this service if required.

Your dentist and treatment co-ordinator can discuss all of the above options and advise of their suitability, taking any existing medical conditions into consideration.

Dr. Paul Tweddell is the experienced sedation dentist. He has helped several patients to overcome dental phobia and provide a relaxed environment for their dental treatment. He trained in the King’s and Guy’s Hospital to attain diploma in dental sedation.

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