Dental Implants in Rochester: Life Long Solution

Do you have a tooth or two missing from your jaw? Are you conscious about a missing tooth that fell out because of some accident?

Well, without further ado, a dental implant is the best replacement for a missing tooth. A missing tooth can become the cause for further disease or tooth decay. At Thorndike Implant and Dental Care in Rochester, we offer the best solution to missing teeth via dental implants. Not only that, a dental implant can also be used to support dentures which in turn can intensely improve dental retention and solidity.

3 reasons why you should get a dental implant

Long Lasting Solution

A dental implant is a long term asset. Alternatives to dental implants include temporary solutions such as dentures or bridges, which usually do not last more than a decade. However, with proper care, dental implants offered here at Thorndike Implant and Dental Care are guaranteed to last for many years. Another advantage of dental implants is that they require minimal care. Essentials such as flossing and brushing are adequate to sustain a dental implant and make it last long.

Improved Appearance, Speech and Comfort

Missing teeth can cause problems with speech and make it difficult to smile fully. Dental implants serve as the best solution to such issues. Dental implants enable you to talk without stress. Relative to a denture, an implant is embedded within the jaw. Furthermore, as it becomes a permanent part of your teeth set, implants closely resemble your own particular teeth and prevent you from slurring words (as in the case with loosely fitted dentures).

Immediate Improved Oral Health and Quality of Life

A dental implant is the fastest way to solve all the difficulties posed by a missing tooth or teeth and hence ensures improved quality of life. Moreover, a complete set of teeth ensures good oral hygiene and deters occurrence of further dental problems, minimizing costly visits to the dentist.

We at Thorndike Implant and Dental Care have a qualified team of experts who can replace missing teeth with great finesse so as to avoid impacting neighboring teeth in the process. If you reside in Rochester and believe that a dental implant is the solution to your dental problems, give Thorndike Implant and Dental care a call and book your consultation.

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