Dental Implant Vs Dentures

If you are worried about having to wear dentures for the rest of your life then you will be glad to hear that you have other good options. The number of Dental Implant users are increasing day by day. People don’t really want to deal with the dentures on daily basis. They want an immediate and permanent solution. But little they know that dental implants and Dentures both are not perfect alternatives for natural teeth. It is a matter of needs and priorities.

Some people choose Dental Implants because they are too busy in their lives that they don’t want to add another piece of work to their lives but some choose the exact opposite because they don’t have enough money or time to go through long dentistry sessions.

Let’s go through a comprehensive comparison of Dental Implants and Dentures.


      Dental Implants Dentures
Dental Implants feel more like natural teeth. Dentures can feel unnatural and creepy sometimes.
Dental Implants are a long-term solution, probably for a lifetime. Dentures are not a long-term solution, need to be remade and realigned.
Investment in life. Less effective and short-term solution.
No need for extra care. Just like normal teeth. Needs extra care, creams, and adhesives.
One-time fixation, strong and attached directly to the jaw. Not permanently fixed and can slip often times.
Supports jaw bone and facial structure. Do not support bone structure and jaw.
No worries of jaw bone decay. Often results in the decay of jaw bone.
Natural bite and chewing experience. Very restricted chewing and bite capacity.
No need to take them off for the night. Can not be worn overnight.
Any kind of damage requires proper dental surgery. Can be fixed easily or replaced.
Don’t affect natural speaking. They affect speaking abilities.
Less likely to have future procedures. Most likely to have future procedures.
One or more surgical procedures to plant dental implants. No proper surgeries to plant dentures.
Costs far more than Dentures. Costs far less than Dental Implants.

Both Dental Implants and Dentures have their own weaknesses and strengths and it is mostly about your own preferences and needs that whether you decide to choose Dental Implants or Dentures. But I strongly advise consulting a professional and experienced dentist before making such a decision.

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