Best Dental Implants in Rochester for Nervous and Dental Phobic Patients

The image of a masked person sticking various tools in your mouth make dental implants seem scary. You can put your worries aside as our orthodontists at Thorndike Implant and Dental Care make sure to go the extra mile to make you feel at ease, comfortable and relaxed throughout your whole dental procedure. We dedicate our time to understand how our patients feel and make sure that they leave with a pleasant experience.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are also known as false teeth, they are metal structures inserted in the jaw bone beneath the gums,  and on top of this fixed structure, an artificial tooth replaces the decayed one.

These artificial teeth are more preferred than dentures and other ordinary bridges because they cause less gagging and sore spots inside the mouth, so your money is well spent.

Of course patients have to make sure to maintain good oral hygiene in order to ensure the long life of these implants.

Why is Thorndike Implants and Dental Care the best?

Our dental surgeons are fully prepared to help the patient cope with every situation, and offer a kind and caring hand. They will walk you through the steps of the procedure instead of jumping directly into the surgery and will help you understand what is to be expected post-surgery.

One in every four patients avoids visiting the dentist due to some prior childhood experience or dental phobia. Thorndike specialists have the latest tools to cater to the patient’s needs, to ensure minimum pain and discomfort. We sympathise with the anxieties of our patients and cater to them accordingly.

How do we help?

For patients who are calm and do not experience nervousness, we prefer to use Inhalation Sedation which is a mix of oxygen and nitrous oxide. This is a very safe form of sedation to numb the pain for children and adults. In this case, patients are able to drive themselves home as well after the surgery.

Taking special care for our more nervous and anxious patients, we make sure to communicate with them and let them know what level of pain they should expect during the dental implant. We include Intra-Venous Sedation in our practice which is very effective for pain numbing. This is administered by a trained professional and can be used in a heavy or light dosage depending on the patient’s demands, however, a chaperone will be needed to drive them home. Also, medicines to help the patient deal with post operation pain and swelling will be provided.

For booking an appointment or further discussion as to which option is the best for you, please contact us on 01634 817 417.

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