To make an appointment, please contact us in person or by telephone, facsimile or email. We will endeavour to offer you an appointment as soon as possible and at a convenient time. You can choose which dentist, dental therapist or hygienist you would like to treat you, but this will depend on the appointments available.

Private patients are respectfully reminded that they will have to contribute to practice costs for failed appointments, or appointments that are cancelled without 24 hours notice for the dentist and 48 hours (2 working days) for the dental hygienist and dental therapist. NHS patients may immediately lose their entitlement to NHS treatment at this practice if they fail an appointment or cancel an appointment without giving 24 hours notice.

We are a fully computerised practice and our recall system will be able to inform you by post, e-mail, text or voicemail when your examinations are due. Our appointment system will automatically send reminders by e-mail four days before your next appointment and text and voicemail two days before your next appointment. Please ensure that you give us your latest contact details, so that you can benefit from our reminder system. To prevent e-mails going into your spam filter, please put our e-mail address’s and into your e-mail contacts list. Please note, we never disclose your contact details to third parties.